Prym in everyone’s life. Worldwide.

Prym has made its way from the 16th century into the digital age. With its diverse products, Prym is present in the lives of people around the world.
People all over the world associate with the Prym brand highly innovative and high-quality products that improve and simplify life.
The customers appreciate this.
Local authorities and stakeholders can count on Prym's integrity. In its role as a successful German company with global reach, Prym has developed a local presence where employees comply with local standards and laws. Employees are passionate about constantly evolving products, discovering new markets and disruptive ideas. They combine their knowledge and work together with full commitment – worldwide. Only with this attitude has Prym made it into everyone's life.

Prym – incorporating a long tradition in ongoing and meaningful innovations.


We focus on our customers every day

  • Our customers have top priority
  • We work proactively to serve the needs of inter-company and external customers and to delight them with new and improved solutions
  • We create a strong bond with our customers and strive to anticipate and
  • Exceed their expectations in all that we do
  • Our aim is to create enthusiasm among our customers
  • We continuously improve

  • We behave professionally. in doing so we are resilient and tenacious
  • We strive for continuous evolving
  • We are adaptable to changing circumstances
  • We know that we can only change something if we try harder and think out of the box
  • Our openness in solving problems innovatively with our long-standing experience and expertise is the key to our success
  • We really want to succeed and sustain the development process
  • We respect and promote each other

  • We care about people and treat each other with respect regardless of title,
  • gender or race
  • We value our colleagues and are open to new ideas and unconventional suggestions
  • Everyone gets the support they need
  • We give constructive feedback and use it as an accelerator to encourage others and grow beyond ourselves
  • Everyone can make a difference – every day
  • We act as entrepreneurs

  • We are accountable for our actions
  • We strive for business excellence and the appropriate level of quality in everything we do
  • We work efficiently and collaboratively to reach our goals
  • We encourage autonomous thinking, tolerate mistakes and are willing to take risks
  • Our entrepreneurial spirit drives us to seek new opportunities, whether geographical, customer-related, technical or product-related
  • There are no limits for us
  • We walk the talk

  • We act with integrity in everything we do.
  • We are trustworthy and have a high sense of duty in our daily business.
  • We act on our conviction and stand behind our promises.
  • We are honest and act transparently.
  • You can always rely on us.
  • The Prym Vision

  • We focus on our customers every day
  • We continuously improve
  • We respect and promote each other
  • We act as entrepreneurs
  • We walk the talk
  • A few words by our CEO Dr. Ansgar Nonn